About us

We are N á t t ú r a l.    

We were founded in early 2020 and are based in North London.

We have always been in love with, inspired by and passionate about Nature.

We come from a globally acquired background in floristry, jewellery brand owner, window display, textile design, art direction luxury retail and store design.

We understand that the most beautiful things in the world are created by Nature, sometimes with a little bit of additional help from humans.

We think that it is the things closest to us that matter the most - silk on the skin, the scent of a candle in the room or the colour of beautiful flowers in a vase.

We designed a lifestyle brand that wants to show you that being sustainable does not mean you have to compromise on style or impact on the quality of your life.

We believe our products create a new kind of luxury.

We deliver luxury through unique products formed from Nature's beautiful resources.

We curate the best handmade quality products that are unique and will stand the test of time, like Nature itself.

We only collaborate with artisan humans and nature makers who share our worldview.

We support small businesses, and we wish for you to do the same.

We strive to be beautiful, natural, handmade, eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, fair-trade and recycled (where possible).

Mother earth is our only home, and we need to look after her.